Cimahub, the complete solution
to grow your online video business

Publish, Monetize and Distribute Content
in one place

Content Creators

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Extend the monetizable life of your content

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Expand your distribution network and strengthen your brand

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Reach new audiences in multiple markets

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Create new revenue streams

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Media Partners

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Increase your video content offering and engagement opportunities with your audience

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Multiply your inventory with additional monetizable video impressions

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Improve your website's performance and gain more insights into your audience

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Offer relevant content across all verticals

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Cimahub is tailored-made for digital editorial teams by providing:

  • Ícono Recomendaciones específicas
  • Ícono Rápida implementación
  • Ícono Cobertura

Content suggestions segmented by your audience’s interests

Fast and easy implementation

Instant coverage of time-sensitive stories

Simple workflow

About Us

Cimahub is a product of Cimacast, a company that focuses on developing products and services conceived to help grow online media partners. We create solutions designed to fulfill the needs of our clients.

Publish, Monetize and Distribute Content in one place

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